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R Data Science Essentials

New Kobo Germany
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Learn the essence of data science and visualization using R in no time at allAbout This BookBecome a pro at making stunning visualizations and dashboards quickly and without hassleFor better decision making in business, apply the R programming language with the help of useful statistical techniques. From seasoned authors comes a book that offers you a plethora of fast-paced techniques to detect and analyze data patternsWho This Book Is ForIf you are an aspiring data scientist or analyst who has a basic understanding of data science and has basic hands-on experience in R or any other analytics tool, then R Data Science Essentials is the book for you. What You Will LearnPerform data preprocessing and basic operations on dataImplement visual and non-visual implementation data exploration techniquesMine patterns from data using affinity and sequential analysisUse different clustering algorithms and visualize themImplement logistic and linear regression and find out how to evaluate and improve the performance of an algorithmExtract patterns through visualization and build a forecasting algorithmBuild a recommendation engine using different collaborative filtering algorithmsMake a stunning visualization and dashboard using ggplot and R shinyIn DetailWith organizations increasingly embedding data science across their enterprise and with management becoming more data-driven it is an urgent requirement for analysts and managers to understand the key concept of data science. The data science concepts discussed in this book will help you make key decisions and solve the complex problems you will inevitably face in this new world.R Data Science Essentials will introduce you to various important concepts in the field of data science using R. We start by reading data from multiple sources, then move on to processing the data, extracting hidden patterns, building predictive and forecasting models, building a recommendation engine, and communicating to the user through stunning visua
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