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Practical UX Design

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A foundational yet practical approach to UX that delivers more creative, collaborative, holistic, and mature design solutions, regardless of your background or experienceAbout This BookImprove your UX design awareness and skillsGain greater confidence to know when you have delivered a "good" UX designLearn by example using a book designed by a UX mind for a UX mindWho This Book Is ForThis book is written for the beginner as well as the experienced UX practitioner, regardless of team size, company size, or job title. It is also intended for anyone with an interest in UX, engages with UX, is involved in any way in interactive problem solving and design, or simply wants to learn more about what we do, how we do it, and why those in the UX field are so passionate about wanting to do it better. What You Will LearnAwaken your UX mind and dispel the myths of non-UX thinkersCreate the six optimal conditions for your best ideas to appearIdentify and incorporate the ten design principles found in all good UX designDevelop a broader understanding of Information Architecture (IA) to better engage, guide, and informDevelop a fundamental understanding of patterns and the properties that create themRaise your level of UX maturity with a strategy that transforms your approach to problem solving and helps others understand the true value of your workUtilize important tools of the UX trade that never go out of styleIncrease your knowledge of UX, incorporate valuable ideas and insights into your work, and look at design from a very unique perspectiveIn DetailWritten in an easy-to-read style, this book provides real-world examples, a historical perspective, and a holistic approach to design that will ground you in the fundamental essentials of interactive design, allow you to make more informed design decisions, and increase your understanding of UX in order to reach the highest levels of UX maturity. As you will see, UX is more than just delighting customers and users. It is also about
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