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Machine Learning with Spark - Second Edition

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Develop intelligent machine learning systems with SparkAbout This BookGet to the grips with the latest version of Apache SparkUtilize Spark's machine learning library to implement predictive analyticsLeverage Spark's powerful tools to load, analyze, clean, and transform your dataWho This Book Is ForIf you have a basic knowledge of machine learning and want to implement various machine-learning concepts in the context of Spark ML, this book is for you. You should be well versed with the Scala and Python languages. What You Will LearnGet hands-on with the latest version of Spark MLCreate your first Spark program with Scala and PythonSet up and configure a development environment for Spark on your own computer, as well as on Amazon EC2Access public machine learning datasets and use Spark to load, process, clean, and transform dataUse Spark's machine learning library to implement programs by utilizing well-known machine learning modelsDeal with large-scale text data, including feature extraction and using text data as input to your machine learning modelsWrite Spark functions to evaluate the performance of your machine learning modelsIn DetailSpark ML is the machine learning module of Spark. It uses in-memory RDDs to process machine learning models faster for clustering, classification, and regression. This book will teach you about popular machine learning algorithms and their implementation. You will learn how various machine learning concepts are implemented in the context of Spark ML. You will start by installing Spark in a single and multinode cluster. Next you'll see how to execute Scala and Python based programs for Spark ML. Then we will take a few datasets and go deeper into clustering, classification, and regression. Toward the end, we will also cover text processing using Spark ML. Once you have learned the concepts, they can be applied to implement algorithms in either green-field implementations or to migrate existing systems to this new platform. You can migr
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