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Mastering QlikView Data Visualization

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Take your QlikView skills to the next level and master the art of creating visual data analysis for real business needsAbout This BookExplore how to create your own QlikView data laboratory and how to develop QlikView applications using agile project methodsImplement advanced data visualization and analysis for common business requirements from the sales, finance, marketing, inventory, operations, and human resources departmentsLearn from real-life experience shared in this book that will give you the upper hand in your next QlikView projectWho This Book Is ForThis book is intended for developers who want to go beyond their technical knowledge of QlikView and understand how to create analysis and data visualizations that solve real business needs. You should have a basic understanding of advanced QlikView functions. What You Will LearnApply advanced QlikView techniques such as set analysis and nested aggregation in order to deliver common business requirementsUnderstand real business requirements for sales, finance, marketing, and human resources departmentsDiscover when to apply more advanced data visualization such as frequency polygons, bullet graphs, and XmR chartsGo beyond native QlikView and include geographical analysis, planning, and sentiment analysis in your QlikView applicationTroubleshoot common errors we discover at the moment we visualize data in QlikViewDevelop a plan to master Qlik Sense data visualizationIn DetailJust because you know how to swing a hammer doesn't mean you know how to build a house. Now that you've learned how to use QlikView, it's time to learn how to develop meaningful QlikView applications that deliver what your business users need. You will explore the requirements and the data from several business departments in order to deliver the most amazing analysis and data visualizations. In doing so, you will practice using advanced QlikView functions, chart object property options, and extensions to solve real-world challenges. Style and
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