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The Mysterious Stranger

New Kobo Germany
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This Tribeca Press edition includes the full original text as well as an easy to use interactive table of contents. The Mysterious Stranger is the final novel attempted by the American author Mark Twain. He worked on it periodically from 1897 through 1908. The body of work is a serious social commentary by Twain addressing his ideas of the Moral Sense and the "damned human race". Twain wrote multiple versions of the story; each is unfinished and involves the character of "Satan". n 1982, a film version of No. 44, The Mysterious Stranger was shot by The Great Amwell Company and shown in the United States on PBS, and later on HBO. The role of 44 was played by Lance Kerwin, with August played by Chris Makepeace. In 1985, a scene from The Chronicle of Young Satan is adapted in the claymation film The Adventures of Mark Twain, wherein Satan invites Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn, and Becky Thatcher to construct small clay people to bring to life and live in a small kingdom together before Satan destroys them through infighting, plagues and natural disasters, depicting the futility of mankind. The scene also quotes Satan's last line from the book. In this version, Satan appears playful and friendly when he constructs the small kingdom, slowly revealing himself as cruel and hateful as he destroys it. He appears as a robed, but headless noble, with a mask where his head would be. As his true nature is revealed, the mask changes from a pleasant appearance to a demonic one, and finally to a grinning skull. In 1991, another movie adaptation of this book was shot in the Soviet Union by Igor Maslennikov and released under the title Filip Traum. It was shown in the cinemas only once in 1991; until 2007, when a remastered DVD-version was released, the general public mostly did not know anything about this film.
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