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How To Be a Great Call Center Representative: EBook Edition

New Kobo Germany
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Give your front-line call center staff the training they need! With How to Be a Great Call Center Representative, call-center staff will learn what technology-based customer service is all about, including the history, terminology, legislation, and technology options. This book is designed to supplement and enhance the industry-specific policies and procedures plus local, state, and federal guidelines to which a call center staff must adhere. Filled with exercises and self-assessments, the course presents specific, practical strategies for improving listening skills, building trust with customers, problem solving, and decision-making-all within the context of a busy call center. How to Be a Great Call Center Representative provides all the tools needed to be confident in handling customers and building a foundation for future growth and advancement. Readers will learn how to: Identify the roles and responsibilities of a call center staff Prepare yourself to deliver quality service Learn to communicate successfully Identify current legislation, terminology, and technology affecting call center staff Develop skills for building trust Enhance telephone verbal skills and vocal quality Build problem solving and decision-making skills Learn to handle difficult customer situations Improve your time-management and multitasking skills Identify ways to control your stress level Learn to recover from mistakes-yours and your customer's. This is an ebook version of the AMA Self-Study course. If you want to take the course for credit you need to either purchase a hard copy of the course through or purchase an online version of the course through www.
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AMA Self-Study
AMA Self-Study