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Climate Change Biology

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Climate change biology is a new discipline, born of the recognition that human-induced climate change is resulting in wholesale shifts in the distributions of species and the timing of biological events. The evidence for biological upheaval in response to climate change is immense. Migratory species are arriving earlier in the year. Flowers are blooming earlier. Ranges of plants, mammals and insects are moving. Food chains are being disrupted. And, unfortunately, the first extinctions linked to climate change are already being recorded in the dozens. Climate change biology is not only about human-induced change, nor is it just about recently observed changes. In order to understand human-induced change and put it into context, the impacts of past (natural) climate change on species and ecosystems must be appreciated. Elements of the discipline have traditionally been treated as paleoecology and global change biology. These fields are rapidly becoming dominated by climate change literature, and a new field is needed both to synthesize results from these different disciplines and to train a new generation of scientists and conservationists to deal with the dramatic changes to come. The pioneering text in the field, this volume synthesizes these diverse results from all relevant disciplines. An introductory section provides the fundamentals of climate change, so that students unfamiliar with the geosciences underpinnings will be able to understand the climatic drivers and complex global models used in the field. It then covers topics such as the current effects due to human-induced climate change, the record of past biotic changes and marine and terrestrial extinctions due to climate change. The book is handsomely illustrated with photographs of species and ecosystems affected by climate change - from polar bears to delicate butterflies? and many other maps and diagrams. The Author is one of the world's leading authorities on the effects of climate change on species and e
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Academic Press
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