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Sweet Sensations

New Kobo Germany
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In Sweet Sensations, Vivien shares her culinary adventures in the hope that readers will find baking these tasty treats a relaxing and nurturing experience-she guarantees that the results will be delicious! In this book Vivien shares her collection of sweet recipes accumulated over several decades. Her rock cakes recipe comes from a cooking book issued to cooking students at the Williamstown High School where she attended over fifty-five years ago, and is yet to find one to beat it! Even older recipes have been passed down to from her mother, her grandmother and mother-in-law. One in particular, Mums Almond Biscuits, must be 120 years old and has stood the test of time it is still a well-loved family favourite. Other recipes were collected from newspapers, magazines, television cooking shows, advertisements, pamphlets, friends, and from her sisters-who themselves aregreat cooks. Some recipes were hastily scribbled on scraps of paper at the hairdressers or in the doctors waiting room. All have a special place in both her heart and memory. She has books full ofbits of paper containing both hand-written and printed recipes, and knows exactly where to find just about any recipe she may be looking for! Vivien and MP Publishing would like to invite you to submit your photographs of any of the recipes you make from this book for a chance to feature in the eBook. Visit the Sweet Sensations by Vivien Owens facebook fan page for more information, to enter your photographs and free recipes from the book!
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