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42 Rules for Building a High-Velocity Inside Sales Team

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Inside sales is the fastest growing sales channel due to its cost effective nature. An inside sales rep can handle far more contacts on a daily basis than their field sales counterpart. If you are a "C" level executive with responsibility for delivering revenue, you cannot afford to overlook the rules contained in this fast-paced, powerful, book. 42 Rules for Building a High-Velocity Inside Sales Team: Actionable Guide to Creating Inside Sales Teams that Deliver Quantum Results will help you and your team understand: The key elements required to build a high-velocity inside sales team that will accelerate your revenue. The different types of inside sales teams you can leverage, how and where to staff them, and the types of tools that are required for them to operate effectively. The importance of a common sales language, consistent processes and clearly defined weekly metrics. With the popularity of inside sales skyrocketing, so is the demand for inside sales talent. Lori Harmon and Debbi Funk prepare you with the info you need to make smart choices when building a high-velocity inside sales team; This includes recognizing the specialized skills required to manage and lead an inside sales team, understanding the skills required of an ideal inside sales rep, and quantifying the cost of a bad hire. Pick up this book and see for yourself the value that these rules will help you bring to your organization.
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