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Night and Day

New Kobo Germany
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The thrill of reading Virginia Woolf's Night And Day is the feeling of looking into a whirlpool just as something utterly extraordinary and unexpected materializes for the first time. It is so for all her novels. The language itself dazzles: vivid, evocative, poetic language, that challenges the best of James Joyce, with Woolf's gift for inner dialogue-the lies her characters relentlessly tell themselves-which in turn reveal them to us. In later works, it would become clear that Woolf's process of distillation had proceeded even further; her ideas grown even leaner, sculpted by pauses into thin phrases of pure lyricism. Nobody does inner monologues like Virginia Woolf. Her form intersperses lengthy labyrinthine stream-of-consciousness, with brilliantly placed atonal fanfares. Clearly, Virginia Woolf thought out the largest pieces of Night And Day's puzzle in advance. The broad-brush strokes, the interplay between husband and wife, children and friends; it has rarely been done before with such effect, as past and present commingle in her characters' minds. Most captivating is the range of development, the sheer technical fluidity on display. However idiosyncratic, it's like looking at that classic hieroglyph of human development-homo sapiens-in slow motion. Night And Day has it all: life, death, and the evanescence of time. Love, fear, solitude, and death again-the subjects float by like parasols in autumnal twilight. Her characters are strikingly real. Nothing much happens; yet in the tragic futility, the absurdity, the divine pathos, the delicate beauty of contemplation, all of life happens. Instinctively, she understands that the beauty of a landscape resides in its melancholy. Night And Day is one of the high points of Woolf's career, and watching it unfold is an unparalleled pleasure; her characters grow closer and closer, until they reach near telepathic rapport as her story draws to a close. Her famously tender tone has seld
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Editions Artisan Devereaux LLC
Editions Artisan Devereaux LLC