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101 Story Starters for Steampunk

New Kobo Germany
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Have you ever wanted to write a Steampunk story but didn't know where to start?Then this is the book for you! If you want to write about dashing heroes and daring heroines rushing headlong into adventures that will make the reader quake in their boots, then come inside and find your inspiration! This illustrated, colorable workbook has two parts - an overview of the genre and story starters. Part I discusses the Steampunk genre, themes, heroes, heroines and works that have already been done in the genre, and gives advice on how to build a credible Steampunk world. Part II gives 101 different scenarios from which you can start a Steampunk story in any genre. There are story starters on the world, such as government, money, airships, and battles, and story starters on the heroes, heroines, and villains who populate that world. The story starters take a variety of forms: first, second, and third person, narrative and dialogue, long and short, and a range of emotions from humor to terror. Something in this book is guaranteed to strike your fancy! Here are some examples: BattlesMy eyes burned as I watched the militia sack the village below. They killed my parents and all my friends. Even my dog was probably dead. Their screams ripped through my eardrums and I cursed my father for placing me aboard this airship. I should be down there with them. I clenched my hands into fists and vowed…Technology"What have you done?" The mechanic's spectacles shook as he yelled, and his white whiskers quivered in rage. "That mad scientist will be back in minutes with his particulate radiation machine - and you've broken our only weapon against it!"RomanceI kissed him one last time, knowing he wouldn't feel it. The drug I'd given him wouldn't wear off until morning. But by then I'd be long gone, aboard an airship halfway across the ocean. "Good-bye, dear Julian. You'll always have my heart. But you can't keep me from…
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