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Reading Water: Lessons from the River

New Kobo Germany
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A 2008 San Francisco Chronicle bestseller, originally published by Capital Books in 2002Rebecca Lawton, a retired river guide, came to her passion for the outdoors through her mother's love of the wilderness and her brother's river guide career. As these essays meander through time, they reveal not only her love for her calling, but also her development as a person, guide, and scholar of the rivers of the West. The hard work and danger that a river guide faces on a daily basis become a comfortable routine as awareness and familiarity with the ways of the rivers grow, and readers come to share Lawton's loves and fears, and the black hole of depression that follows her thrilling summers. Lawton does, however, make use of her off-the-river seasons in college and graduate school, where she studies the geology and history of the landscape that she loves; then, later, after marriage and parenthood, she starts a career as an environmental consultant. The lyricism of Lawton's prose mirrors the natural elegance of what she describes, and the excitement she conveys makes readers long for a run through the rapids. -BooklistReading Water is ".the spiritual autobiography of a true whitewater gypsy, giving us a seasoned depiction of the nomadic culture, empty canyons, and wild western rivers that define and haunt her."- David James Duncan, author, The River Why and My Story as Told by Water
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