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Life's Punishing Path

New Kobo Germany
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Morals, scruples, and a little bit of thievery for some extra spending money never hurt anyone if given in the right doses every once in a while according James Anthony Fratino. Add in a little mystery along with the dead body of a young woman who has been missing for thirty years and our lovable loser of a former casino pit boss and part-time thief is in his new element as the owner of Fratino Investigation Services. Join Jimmy Fratino in his confused life and mind as he ponders the questions of Life's Punishing Path and why his former wife Annette left him over something as simple as finding a half a million dollars in the trunk of her car? Go figure that one. When it comes to getting the answers, Jimmy's the man, except where his life is concerned and he has got plenty of questions here. Like why is it always eighty-three degrees and cloudless everyday and why has he started hearing music in his head? And what's up with this itching he's developed that no amount of scratching ever will cure?The questions and answers keep on coming right up to the heart stopping end and Jimmy gets to ask the question that everyone wants to as they step onto their own Life's Punishing Path: is there ever a second chance?Join the gang and help Jimmy go figure but before you start down Life's Punishing Path, here is Jimmy's first question…See Connie Canell. See Jimmy Fratino. See Jimmy standing on a ladder. See Jimmy freaking out. Why is little Jimmy Fratino freaking out?See the ladder on top of Connie Canell?You see, little Jimmy Fratino has just realized that Connie Canell is dead! See little Jimmy ask the question: why is Connie Canell dead?
Marke:Smashwords Edition
EAN:Smashwords Edition
Smashwords Edition
Smashwords Edition