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Survival II

New Kobo Germany
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Predator, Victim, or Survivor - Which will you be?The first edition of Survival was a surprising success. It has sold thousands of copies in America, Europe, and Asia. The original version was intended to be a quick planning guide to start people thinking about the dangers of their world and how to plan for a 'worst case scenario'.The concepts and ideas contained within are intended for Society Ending Events (SEE) or The End of the World as We Know It (TEOTWAWKI). However, many of the concepts can apply equally to more mundane emergencies. Many readers asked for more advice and more solutions. I have attempted to provide that without straying too far from the original concept of the Survival book; to be a planning guide rather than a comprehensive, all-encompassing reference. As I said, much of the book is based on the total destruction of life as we know it. That in itself implies a different set of rules than what we currently live by. That being said, some of the advice I provide is inappropriate and even illegal in our existing society. I do not promote employing these tactics in our current day-to-day life. However, they are critical tools in a true struggle for survival. In a world gone mad, the current rules will not apply. You must make an active decision to be a Predator, Victim, or Survivor. You must determine the value and use of this information. The author is in no way responsible for how you use this information, if at all. This is advice, and does not pretend to represent any legal or medical expertise. When disaster strikes, there are only three types of people: victims, predators, or survivors. By their very nature the criminal element in our society are poised to assume the predatory role. This implies that the vast majority of the civilized population must make a conscious decision to be a victim or to survive. Lack of planning and foresight automatically relegates a huge percentage of society to the role of victim. With just a little planning and aware
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Smashwords Edition
Smashwords Edition