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Patchy and Calico's Summer Vacation

New Kobo Germany
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Patchwork Dog has a knack for getting into trouble and his best friend, Calico Cat usually winds up right in the middle of the mess with him. Calico would rather spend her days sleeping in her nice comfortable bed, staying safe and worry free. She knows better than to follow Patchy when he is out looking for a new adventure, but she tags along anyway just in case…On the other hand, Patchy is very curious and is always investigating new sights, sounds and smells. He follows his nose wherever it goes. Sometimes that leads to trouble but other times it gives Calico a chance to play a trick on her not so smart friend. Children will laugh out loud when the two lovable creatures go to the beach where Patchy comes nose to claw with a fiddler crab, or when they take a walk through the woods and meet a not too friendly bear who can not decide whether to help the two lost campers or eat them. In the other stories, children will enjoy reading about how Patchy and Calico accidentally join the circus, take an unplanned boat ride and get caught sneaking into a school classroom. Patchy and Calico's Summer Vacation has illustrations at the beginning of each chapter that hint at what the new adventure will be about. Other pictures are included at the end of each story along with some questions for the child to answer. Older children can read the stories themselves or it would make a wonderful bedtime story book for younger kids. The five tales will entertain children of all ages with the antics of the title characters and hopefully teach youngsters some valuable lessons about working together and staying out of trouble. Excerpt"Patchy, I think we're going the wrong way. There are no more footprints and your wonderful nose doesn't seem to be working."The dog carried on walking and sniffing. Calico Cat started to cry. "We're lost! I knew it was a mistake to go off by ourselves. Oh no, what was that noise? Was it a bear? I'm scared, Patchy."Calico, there are not any bears around here and…
Marke:Smashwords Edition
EAN:Smashwords Edition
Smashwords Edition
Smashwords Edition