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Weight Watchers 40th Anniversary Tribute 101 OF My Very Best Weight Watchers Points Plus Delicious Recipes

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Dear Reader: Millions of men, women, and young people have lost weight with the awesome Weight Watchers Food Plan. Weight Watchers is a proven weight loss plan that is designed specifically to help you lose weight, feel great, and look great while you eat delicious foods. Weight Watchers will soon be celebrating 40 years of helping you, the weight watcher, to lose weight and keep the weight off permanently. I want to invite you to join in the celebration by enjoying this exciting brand new Weight Watchers Points Plus Cookbook. From the beginning to the end, you'll find Points Plus recipes for foods you'll be delighted to present to your family, relatives, and friends. With just a click your mouse you will be preparing and enjoying awesome delicious Points Plus recipes like Turkey And Stuffing, Pork Chops And Baked Potatoes, Shrimp And Grits, Cabbage Delight, Mashed Potatoes, Oriental Broccoli, Teriyaki Shrimp, Thai Cabbage Slow, Lime Jello Salad, Thai Hot And Sassy Soup, Blackberry Soup, Beef Stew Both American And Persian, Cod In A Bag, Salads, Sides, and Sauces And Gravies, along with scrumptious desserts such as Baked Lemon Pudding, Strawberry Pie With Whipped Cream, and Coffee Ricotta Rum Delight. The delicious weight loss recipes in this brand new cookbook will have you losing those extra pounds, whether you have 10, 20, 50 or 100 pounds to lose; you WILL lose the weight while eating some of the absolutely most mouth-watering delectable foods you have ever tasted! Every Weight Watchers Points Plus recipe has been linked for your convenience and pleasure. Happy Cooking, and Happy 40th Anniversary to all the wonderful Weight Watchers in the world! Table Of Contents: Weight Watchers Hot Artichoke BottomsWeight Watchers Cocktail SauceWeight Watchers Fried MushroomsWeight Watchers Fried PlantainsWeight Watchers Nachos And Cheese Mexican StyleWeight Watchers Onion RingsWeight Watchers Oysters On The Half ShellWeight Watchers Potato Skins Mexican StyleWeight Watchers Shr
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