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Business Olympians

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Admittedly, making the first million dollars was a difficult journey with plenty of mistakes along the way. In many cases the mistakes could have been avoided with more experience, hence the reason for this book. I want to document the painful obstacles that slowed the success so that the readers can enjoy a better path toward riches. Everyone wants to be rich, and many of us have the right amount of determination to make it possible. In my experience I have met many millionaires and their success is a testament that anyone can become rich. To be wealthy you don't need to be a PhD, from a high social class, particularly intelligent, attractive, or many other qualities that we may often associate with such success. You don't need to have a wealth of money from which to start as many millionaires started with nothing. In fact, unless you are among the top 1% of the population that are born into wealth you will likely start out on the journey toward incredible personal wealth with absolutely nothing; or very close to nothing. After much consideration and collaboration this book was written for anyone who desires to gain incredible wealth in life, and that includes you if you are at any age or stage of life; i.e. 15 or 50 years old. There are examples of people at all ages that have started the journey toward riches and made it. Everyone deserves the chance to learn from all the success and failures that have become common practices among what is often called the 100 million dollar club; those influential people who have amassed such wealth. It is true that these people do indeed covet these secrets and are not easily persuaded to discuss what really contributed to their large wealth. Many of these wealthy people do understand that they have to protect their wealth and power, and should the real secrets be told it may somehow compromise their happy and comfortable financial stability. So be suspect of any advice from wealthy people as they will likely give you wrong or c
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