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Pinewood Derby Secrets

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Pinewood Derby Secrets eBook and bonus section Raingutter Regatta Tips. In a very simple "cut to the chase" format, this book provides step-by-step instructions with pictures and web links, the web links will connect you to web videos designed to help you understand wheel and axle preparations, car testing, and lubrication. Additionally there are vendor web links to direct you to the right supplies. You are urged to build your car within the Boy Scout fundamental principle of "Honesty" through adhering to your Pack Rules. An engineer through repeated lab testing developed these proven methods.I am a Mechanical Engineer and a former Scout. Over the years I have helped my twin scouts to become three-time pinewood derby champs. I am fortunate to have had input from several other Pinewood Derby winning dads whom I've pooled secrets from. I have built a timed test track which was crucial to filter out the real vs. perceived advantages. I then track tested these secrets to determine which of these are the best methods to use.I do not recommend using everything that is supplied in the standard BSA kit, but with this book you will be able to build a car that will be faster on the track. Your wheels will be aligned better, your axles will be superior, your weight placement will be optimal, and lubrication and wheel treatment will be unbeatable. With a few simple tests you can make sure that your car is fast before the race. Other book authors are also vendors of derby car parts and try to push these car parts within their books, but I am not affiliated with any vendors and do not sell any derby car parts, so you will find a non-biased approach in this book. The cars that I have helped to build have all brought home medals and or trophies without exception. Some of these are featured on this book's cover. Go to your next Pinewood Derby armed with the proper information. Even if you chose not to apply all of the methods provided in this book you would still do much better in the
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