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Save on Shopping. The Coupon Book and Much Much More

New Kobo Germany
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This economy is bad. Very bad. Everyone needs to save as much money as possible on every shopping trip. Everyone needs to get the most out of every dollar spent. $ave On $hopping will help every shopper realize that goal. This book will help every shopper understand the basics necessary to save real money on every trip to the grocery store. And it will be helpful whether you are a novice just starting out, perhaps with a new family to take care of, or if you are an experienced shopper, looking to get an additional edge. The techniques are explained clearly and directly, with real life examples for illustration. We also show that these techniques are not simply concocted ideas that help sell a book; rather they are based on tried and true fundamental economic principles used by successful businesses everywhere. And when we say "real life" we mean "real life". Every example, every illustration, every situation was real. It was experienced in real time, with real people, and real results, by your humble author.$ave On $hopping begins with a discussion of the basics. Discount cards (what they are, how and why to use them), couponing (where to get them, how to file and use them, "stacking"), and the Unit Price Point (the cornerstone and single most important concept in this book).After that, we drill deeper into savings and talk about things like rebates, inventory management, special offers, and even gas promotions. We talk about how to get the maximum savings using these programs, and how to avoid pitfalls that may erode your final results. Finally, we finish with a discussion of recent developments (including group coupon and rebate sites) and what the future may have in store for us. And we warn you about certain dangers, including extreme couponing, the "Clubs" and schemers. But the bottom line is that if you read this book and follow the techniques we have laid out for you, you won't have to worry about recent developments or dangers. You will save as much money as you
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Smashwords Edition
Smashwords Edition