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5:2 Diet Vegetarian Meal Plans & Recipes

New Kobo Germany
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5:2 Diet Vegetarian Meals Plans & RecipesLosing weight can be difficult, and knowing which diet will suit you can be even harder. Would you rather keep following the same old diets that really don't work or would you rather learn the right way to lose weight based on proven science? This recipe book will help you set realistic goals leading to fast and easy weight loss. There is a saying that if you 'fail to plan then you should plan to fail'. This is true for this and every other diet. You must know what you are going to eat on your fasting days or you will just end up getting hungry as you search the cupboards for something low calorie to eat. This is a recipe for failure. What has been proven is that 5:2 dieters are more successful when they have recipes to hand and a daily meal plan in place for the weeks ahead. Author Liz Armond has written a series of popular 5:2 diet recipe books, each designed to get you on the track to fast weight loss, one delicious meal at a time. Vegetarian Meal Plans for the 5:2 Fast Diet is her latest recipe book and takes all the guesswork out of meal preparation by providing you with 21 days of menus. That's over 10 weeks of delicious recipes which are all interchangeable to suit your taste or mood. This cookbook contains over 35 recipes to help you plan your fasting days and best of all, the ingredients are readily available and affordable. No more picking up bland, frozen, and often expensive convenience dinners which are often full of salt and sugar. Filled with colorful illustrations, the recipes are calorie grouped and portioned into 1, 2, or 4 servings and many can be frozen for your other fasting days. Each meal offers a delicious blend of protein and fibre to ensure you are getting the nutrients you need as you lose the unwanted weight. The great thing with these recipes is that you will not go hungry. Recipes include:* Hearty Potato & Leek Soup - 150 kcal* Mushroom Risotto with Brown Rice - 285 kcal* Vegetable Curry with Rice - 2
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