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The Old Man's War

New Kobo Germany
Auf Lager
It was bright sunlight now and Jack and Anne were walking through the wood again and Anne stumbled and fell on her face. Jack bent down and pulled her to her feet and when they straightened up their faces were just a few inches apart. Jack was spell bound because this was the first time since he had picked her up from her house that he had got a good look at her and he was just staring at her face and Anne smiled then coughed and said. 'Thank you Jack.'Jack came to his senses and let go of her arms. Then he said. 'Sorry about that Anne, but well no I'm not sorry if I had the nerve I would do it again."Well Jack why don't you when we are in better times because at the moment we have far too much on our hands."Yes well maybe so but I'll hold you to that don't think I won't.'Jack's heartbeat had gone up a good sixty beats a minute. Then Jack took hold of her hand and they walked on again then Jack said. 'If we take this way down and if I'm not mistaken we should come out of the church.'They started down the slope and it was only five minutes later that they came to a wall about six feet tall. Jack said in a whisper. 'Well I'm not that far out this is the wall that surrounds the library, all we have to do is follow it around to the right and we will come to a doorway in the side, come on Anne we are not beat yet.'They got to the wall and started along to its right and then they came to a corner, Jack stopped and said in a whisper. 'Stay here Anne while I take a look.'Anne gave his hand a squeeze and said. 'You be careful Jack I have just found you and there's no way I want to lose you.'Jacks heart started beating ten times faster. Then he started along the wall but there were bushes right up against the wall and he had to crawl through them, but then he came to the open door. He turned around and went back for Anne.
Marke:Smashwords Edition
EAN:Smashwords Edition
Smashwords Edition
Smashwords Edition