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The DUI Survival Guide: What You Really Need to Know About Living with Alcohol Monitoring Systems

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If you or anyone you know has ever been charged with or convicted of DUI or DWI, been ordered to carry a breathalyzer, to wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet or to submit to any form of alcohol testing, The DUI Survival Guide is for you! It's a fail safe method for successfully navigating the minefield of alcohol-free living in an alcohol-soaked world, and a key to passing every kind of alcohol test you may encounter during your probation. Learn how to identify hidden alcohols all around you and how to avoid the ones that will cause false alarms and failed tests. Gain access to an invaluable list of online resources, answers to commonly asked questions, and an entire chapter devoted to tried-and-true natural recipes and alternatives to the expensive, alcohol-containing products we use every day."So many books have been written about the laws and the legal process, but I had a hard time finding any complete and useful resources about how to deal with the probationary period. When you wake up in the morning, and the damage has been done, how do you best get on with living your life? A lot of fears and concerns can be alleviated with a little up-front knowledge, and that's what I've included here. Essentially, I wanted to provide the guide I wish I'd had from day one."- J.T. Ellis, authorSave yourself some time, money, worry, and hassle by arming yourself with the information you need today.
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Smashwords Edition
Smashwords Edition