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Plan for Life

New Kobo Germany
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Before God made anything he made a Plan for Life to be applied to this planet and to our universe. It is based on his love for fallen humanity and so it includes creation, salvation, the new birth and it even prescribes the events of the end time. It is revealed in the Bible (Old Testament) and is verified in the New Testament. This book series will sequentially unveil this divine plan. This first book will show you the Plan for Life in the Bible and reveal Old Testament examples of how God would accomplish this plan by examining the lives of Old Testament people. These lives will also reveal how God was going to implement this plan. This book will also disclose the Biblical key to understanding Christ. This key provides great detail on the nature of Christ, his objectives and his role in salvation and beyond. For your greater edification God also provided a map to guide your personal development from spiritual childhood to maturity. This book will reveal the location of this map. Plan for Life is the book to read to find out what the Savior is to be and what he was to do, how he is to do it and why. If you think you already know everything about God and his Bible this book is not for you. If you are somewhat confused this book presents a series of arguments that may alleviate some of your angst. If you seek verification of your understanding, or seek greater edification you will find this first book of The Way to Life series a must read, and an interesting one too.
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Smashwords Edition
Smashwords Edition