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Finding Food For Survival: A Guide to Trapping and Battling Terrains

New Kobo Germany
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Table of ContentsPrefaceChapter 1 - IntroductionChapter 2 - Relying on the GreensUniversal Edibility TestChapter 3 - Plant OptionsTemperate Zone PlantsTropical Zone Food PlantsDesert Zone Food PlantsNorth African PlantationChapter 4 - Desert SurvivalTips for Finding Food in the DesertSome Common Desert Edible PlantsChapter 5 - Survival at SeaTips for Finding Food in the Open SeasChapter 6 - Setting Traps and SnaresUse of BaitTrap and Snare ConstructionTypes of TrapsChapter 7 - ConclusionAuthor BioPublisherPrefaceFood is the primary necessity of life. Although it is clear that lack of availability of food will not kill you instantly, it will deprive you of the energy you require to get yourself out of any survival situation. Desperation makes people lean towards some insane choices and our help here is to provide you with sane options of your food sources in different kinds of survival terrains. Be it wilderness, desert, or snow, food is one of the key assets to survival. This book aims at guiding you to the best food sources these areas can provide you with. Plants can be your savior as you do not have to catch them, but there is a catch here as well, since you have to identify the plants that are safe for you. Don't worry, we will try to cover this part extensively. Not all of us are trained hunters. This book gives you some tips on how to set proper traps to catch some protein in the wild. Remember, this is not for fun, it is for survival and only the fittest can survive. Just follow our advice and always be prepared for emergencies by keeping a good knowledge of the whereabouts of your adventure zones.
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Smashwords Edition
Smashwords Edition