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David Mason Series Box Set

New Kobo Germany
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THREE GREAT DAVID MASON BOOKS IN ONEJohn Foxjohn first introduced the world to David Mason, a young and talented Houston homicide detective, in 2007. The first book, Code of Deceit, would become John's first best-seller, and leave the reading public clamoring for more. Then Foxjohn published the next of the David Mason books-Cold Tears, a book his editor claimed he could never top. Even Foxjohn would later say that the book's success was more than he could imagine. Cold Tears soon soared to the height of the publishing world in sales and accolades. Readers voted it the best mystery in the world. Mainly because of the success of Cold Tears, Foxjohn received the author of the year award. The third David Mason book, Color of Murder, would excite readers who'd come to love the detective, and take them in another direction. David leaves the Houston Police Department to become the head of an FBI team investigating serial killers. However, before his team can get settled, they are sent to investigate the murder of a deputy sheriff in Lufkin, Texas. As it happened, the deputy filmed his own murder, and he was a good friend of David's.The ending of Color of Murder was bittersweet for readers. When Foxjohn wrote the end, readers wanted more of David Mason, but in this one regard, he would disappoint them. He wasn't through writing, just with this series-he thought. As it turned out, readers would not let him end the series so fast. So, coming in 2015 will be another David Mason book.
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