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American History A Day at A Time: February

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Have fun and learn history by reading a daily lesson in colonial American history each day. History surrounds us. The multitude of historical events that led to this era can seem almost overwhelming. Most people think of history as a list of dates and people that seem almost irrelevant to our daily live. Nothing can be further from the truth. The events of history make us what we are today. Understanding these events and people will help us understand many things in today's world. It you have ever read those "This Day In History" headings in newspapers and on a multitude of websites, you may wonder at the stories behind those brief headlines. American History a Day at a Time - February seeks to do just that, explore the story behind the headlines. Humankind has a history stretching back thousands of years. During this time a huge accumulation of historical events has occurred. This volume deals with dates in February and focuses on the Colonial and Revolutionary period of American History. The history series, American History a Day at a Time seeks to make this vast accumulation of historical knowledge less intimidating. It does this by reducing it to a history lesson a day. By reading and contemplating one event a day, we have the time to try to understand those events that unfolded on those long ago days.
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