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Word Of Mouth Advertising Network (W.O.M.A.N)

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The catch in the word of mouth advertising is "don't promise it in your advertisements." Well, it is tempting to promise the thing that you are counting on to trigger your word-of-mouth advertising. Placing these promises in your ads will only eliminate the joy of your net-worker-customers becoming your advocates and ambassadors. There will be no point for your would be net-worker-customer to repeat what you have already said in the ads. You must let your net-worker-customers to deliver the good news of their experience. By placing promises in your adverts, you rob the ambassador the flavor of own glory in the sun. The ambassador will not have the exhilarating joy of saying to the new customer, "did not I tell it was good!" The word of mouth game has been upped. Today, the technology for managing customer service has become fairly sophisticated. Many companies have established databases that tell them how much a customer has purchased and at what frequency, which they may enhance with detailed demographic profiles. The next phase is to apply statistical models which help to predict not only when each customer is likely to make a future purchase but also what they are likely to buy. It is interesting to know that managers can use these data to estimate a potential lifetime value for every customer and to determine whether, when, and how to contact each one to maximize the chances of realizing their value.
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Smashwords Edition
Smashwords Edition