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Your Digital Footprint Password Protection Requirements

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At present, it is quite common to fall prey to online identity thieves if you are not being careful. If you think about it, there are a lot of people who have already suffered consequences by having easily accessible online accounts. Because of this, they had to face a lot of headaches like dealing with the police and fixing their credit card account mishaps. Some even had their online and offline reputations shredded to bits without them having the slightest idea it was going to happen. Experts advise you to come up with strong passwords to prevent this. Furthermore, you have to make each of your account passwords unique enough to decrease the risks of having your passwords stolen. It is quite understandable you cannot remember every single password for each of your accounts. In fact, most of the users who have already created numerous passwords for more than five accounts confess that they too cannot remember all of the passwords that they initially generated. However, this does not mean that these codes are not unique and strong. They and you simply have come up with ways to help recall passwords when time to make the log-in input. Actually, the precautions that you have to take to prevent the constant password stealing problems from taking place are relatively simple. In this book, you will learn a lot about how you can come up with strong passwords. Also included in this book are some of the supporting pieces of information that can help you raise awareness on why you have to come up with strong passwords in the first place. There are numerous benefits that you can acquire just by staying informed. For one thing, reading the book can help you develop your enhanced sense of guarding your accounts against potential threats. Also, you can help the people that you care about save their accounts from risks of online identity theft as well.
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Smashwords Edition
Smashwords Edition