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Max, the Blind Guy (a digital serial novel - PART X)

New Kobo Germany
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Published in 12 PARTS, beginning June 12, 2015 with a new part available at four-week intervals. This continues the saga of Max & Greta Ruth. PART X: Salzburg #2 (part 2) ; O - Though I Walk Through the Valley of Death. ; Before I Drink from the Waters of Lethe; Salzburg #3; The Danger Never Dreamt of, That Is the DangerThis is the continuing story of Maximilian and Greta Ruth, their 40-year relationship, and all the demons that show up as they find that life rarely goes according to plan. Maximilian Ruth daydreams in colors which his eyes can no longer see. His wife is leading them on a European tour: Prague, Vienna, Salzburg, and Venice. Greta Ruth calls this trip their "last hurrah."She hasn't had the best from 40 years with Max. But Max takes their life differently: marriage is an affair of more than the heart's journey. This pair of American originals have known passion, riches, and sorrow. Today, these roads lead them through Europe's famed cities, but Greta wonders if the plan will see her through to the promised "champagne on the Grand Canal."Their Elite Travel tour-mates are getting on each other's nerves. They are characters found next door, on everyday streets, under black-eye days, and across lost-memory nights. The highlights and sights, the posh lunches, the gamy conversation over drinks in the bar - and of course the "tour friendships" - all make their faux-camaraderie sometimes combative but never boring.A story rife with modern perils - too much time, too much money, just enough libido, secrets revealed - Max and Greta Ruth don't wait for what the future may bring."Max, the blind guy" is a complex, emotional story of art, ego, love, and marriage. Beyer's nuanced story brings to life fictional characters from America and Europe as this group of recalcitrant travelers make their way travel through lovely cities and desperate thoughts.
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Smashwords Edition
Smashwords Edition