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Grandma's Practical Diet Guide: The Role of Diet in Increasing and Reducing Weight Information, Tips and Techniques

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Grandma's Practical Diet Guide - The Role of Diet in Increasing and Reducing Weight Information, Tips and TechniquesTable of ContentsIntroductionThe Effect of Weight on Your HealthSide Effects of Obesity and MalnutritionStandard of WeightWhy Bother about a Well-Regulated Diet?Losing Weight Slowly and SteadilyShould You Go on a Weight Gain or Weight Loss Diet?Relation between Exercise and DietAnti-Fat PreparationsRestricting My Diet - No, I Could Not Do That! Bread-and-butterSo What Can I Eat?Liquids with meals?Excessive Thinness! ConclusionAuthor BioPublisherIntroductionDown the ages, it has always been the responsibility of the most sensible, experience and old member of the family to use all the knowledge which has been learnt through harsh experience or which has been passed down the generations to take care of the good health of all the family members. Naturally, grandma knew the value of diet, along with nourishing food in large quantities, which was not only tasty but kept her family healthy, happy and well fed. More often than not, there came a time when food was not available in such large quantities. At that time she had to make do with what she had. Unfortunately, that is the situation in many parts of the world even today. Some parts are blessed with an overabundance of food in such large quantities that they can be dumped into the sea, because the farmers do not know what to do with them. On the other hand, there are parts of the world, where the literal cliché - hungering for a grain of rice, is the order of the day. Even today, in this world of overabundance, we still need to concentrate on our diet. Too much of a good thing means increased weight and obesity. Too less of food in our diet means anorexia, bulimia, malnutrition and even starvation. So even though we have reached the 21st century, we still face this problem of less weight and overweight.
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