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Improving TSA's Public Image: Customer-Focused Initiatives to Encourage Public Trust and Confidence - Training, Messaging, Wait Times, Social Media, Guestology, Security, Crisis Communications

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Professionally converted for accurate flowing-text e-book format reproduction, this report explores TSA's public-image challenges and identifies customer-focused solutions. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) can improve its public image by looking at the problem from the customer's perspective. Research methods include a case study analysis on Southwest Airlines and Disney and an extensive literature review to identify smart practices that are applicable to TSA. TSA needs to implement customer-focused strategies that are more effective in dealing with the agency's public-image challenges. A TSA strategy designed to build a more positive work environment, improve messaging and information sharing, increase the focus on customer service, and utilize customer feedback to improve operations, will begin to improve public opinion. There is a disconnect between TSA's intentions and the public's perceptions, and it is time to seek new opportunities to improve the public's trust and confidence. It is easy for some to be critical about an agency that screens over 1.7 million passengers each day and often has to get into the passenger's personal space in order to do so. TSA's first priority is and should be security, but public opinion is also important. Increasing public confidence in TSA may also result in more acceptance and cooperation with security processes, resulting in increased security effectiveness.I. INTRODUCTION * A. RESEARCH QUESTION * B. PROBLEM STATEMENT * 1. Background and Significance * 2. Assumptions and Limitations of Research * 3. Bias and Theoretical Sensitivity * 4. Consumer of this Information * 5. Hypothesis * C. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY * D. LITERATURE REVIEW * 1. Understanding the Issues * 2. Government Focus on Customer Service * 3. Strategic Communications * 4. Case Study Literature * 5. Conclusion * E. ORGANIZATION OF THESIS * II. TSA'S PUBLIC-IMAGE CHALLENGES * A. TOP CHALLENGES * 1. Lack of Information Provided to the Public About Secur
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