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Knockout Punch for the Identity Thief -7 Secrets to Online Security for Stay at Home Moms On the Go

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More and more in the society we live in today, there has become a huge need for education regarding online security, internet security, internet safety and computer security. I've found that most stay at home moms are dedicated to protecting their family in all aspects of life, but few know how to protect their families from online threats. After reading this book you will be well educated about your family's online security risks and how they directly relate to you and your family to make certain you are never at risk. This book will show you ways to thwart Identity Theft as well.I am certain that as a stay at home mom, you are on the go constantly at home and away from your home. While at home, you are busy teaching, playing, comforting, etc. While away from home, you are shuttling your children here and there, playing at the park, going to museums, out to eat, shopping and the sort. Either way, you should not have to worry about online security best practices. You have many other things to do. This book will detail specific ways you can protect yourself and your family regarding online security in a straightforward step by step fashion without the need to be a super techno nerd. According to the website http://www., there were 16 million households that have had serious virus problems in the past 2 years and 1 million households that lost money or had accounts misused by phishing attacks through email. These statistics are from the US alone. Local and national news channels seem to report each day on identity theft, information stolen from individuals, data breaches on companies large and small, Wi-Fi used for illegal purposes, computers stolen at the workplace and even on playgrounds and fast food restaurants. As an Information Security Officer, it is my job to manage these types of threats each day. With that being said, I am going to walk you through exactly how to protect yourself from all of the above with easy to follow step by step instruct
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