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2011 Complete Guide to the Federal Debt Limit and Deficit Reduction Plans: Impacts of Debt Limit, Moment of Truth National Commission Plan, Ryan Republican Plan, Obama Deficit Speech

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Comprehensive coverage of all aspects of the ongoing federal debt limit and deficit reduction controversies is included in this six-hundred page ebook, which provides official information on federal debt management along with full coverage of the three competing visions of deficit reduction: the report The Moment of Truth, Final Report of National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform; the April 13 speech by President Barack Obama on fiscal policy; and the House Republican Roadmap for America's Future, written by Congressman Paul Ryan, Ranking Member of the Committee on the Budget. DEBT LIMIT: The ongoing controversy in Washington over raising the federal debt limit is the subject of this comprehensive, ten chapter, four-hundred page ebook which provides detailed and authoritative information on all aspects of federal debt management. Treasury officials believe that a failure by Congress to raise the debt limit would have catastrophic economic consequences. Congressional Republicans have stated that the debt limit extension should be linked to federal deficit reduction measures. Issues covered include: the debt limit and the Treasury; past Treasury actions to postpone reaching the debt limit; current Treasury actions in 2011; potential implications of reaching and not raising the debt limit; possible options for Treasury and OMB, potential impacts on government operations and programs, the distinction between a debt limit crisis and a government shutdown, potential economic and financial effects, considerations for the current debt limit debate, implications of future federal debt on the debt limit, and much more. Contents include: Chapter 1: Debt Limit - Delays Create Debt Management Challenges and Increase Uncertainty in the Treasury Market (February 2011 GAO Report) * Chapter 2: Federal Debt: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions: An Update (GAO) * Chapter 3: Debt Management: Treasury Has Refined Its Use of Cash Management Bills but Should Explore Options
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