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The Legacy of the Assassin

New Kobo Germany
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Third title in assassination trilogy boils with suspense, drama, and murderTony Bertot tells a thrilling tale from the perspective of a deadly hit-man in"The Legacy of the Assassin"SURPRISE, Ariz. - Born and raised in Harlem, Tony Bertot was exposed not only to the struggle and hardship of ghetto life - the world of crime, gangs and the easy way to turn a buck seemed a logical path for one to take. Despite adversity, Tony was blessed with loving parents who took a strong interest in the development of their children. He was able to leave the ghetto, obtain an education and enjoy the fruits of his labor. Upon his retirement he decided to pursue his dream of writing and channeled his experiences and emotion into a trilogy surrounding the work of a contract killer. The final book in the trilogy, "The Legacy of the Assassin" (ISBN 1460925211), takes crime-fiction fans into the life of Theo Gresco, a man devoid of emotion whose sole purpose is to eliminate another human having been deemed obsolete. However, the assassin, an enemy of the state, now becomes a target of the crime families who employed him. Following in his uncle's footsteps as a New York City police officer, Tyler Santiago comes face-to-face with a startling revelation: the assassin he has pursued relentlessly and killed in the line of duty is actually his father, Theo Gresco. Everything he once knew is shattered. Santiago's need to discover his identity as well as his father's leads him into the dangerous world of powerful crime families. As his kinship to Theo becomes apparent, Tyler goes from the hunter to the hunted. Surviving a failed assassination attempt, Felicia Giordano regains her power as the head of the Giordano family. She develops a vengeful plan in reaction to the death of her brother, one that promises to restore the family legacy. Felicia's plans have never failed to leave a lasting impression in the past - and Tyler is about to discover her wrath firsthand. Throughout "The Legacy of the Assassin",
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