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Mara Haviland

New Kobo Germany
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Legitimate Rape"? When an American Congressman asserts that a woman can't become pregnant from a sexual assault, ancient superstitions rear their heads. In the historical romance MARA HAVILAND, a beautiful young woman faces down just such ignorance and disrespect after she's forcefully impregnated. The lovely and spirited Mara Haviland, heiress to a large English estate, finds her world overturned when she is raped by a powerful man, and she must journey - first across Cromwell's war-torn 1640s Britain, then to the dangers of the New World - in her quest to restore her rightful life and regain the man she loves. Mara will evade soldiers, cross a dangerous ocean, confront angry colonists, and navigate between the men who adore her, all for a chance at redemption."This is one historical romance novel that isn't based on pure fantasy and is much the better for it." - Alice Duncan, author of "Angels of Mercy", "Enchanted Christmas" and others. At 440 pages and 137,000 words, "Mara Haviland" is a sprawling, page-turning saga of romance and revenge. As Suzanne W. Hull, the author also wrote two non-fiction books: "Chaste, Silent & Obedient: English Books for Women 1475-1640" (1982, 1988), and "Women According to Men: The World of Tudor-Stuart Women" (1996, in Japanese 2003), both available at She was a director of the Huntington Library, where she founded its Women's Studies Group, and was president of the YWCA of Los Angeles. She died in 2006.
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