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Discovering How To Become Wealthy (951 scientific affirmations to make the best occur in your life)

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WHY YOU NEED THIS BOOKWe have all worried about something. What is worrying?It is to use your imagination to presume that the worst is going to occur. In this book you will discover how to use your imagination to presume that the best is going to happen. you will in fact succeed to turn things around in your own terms from this day forth. Here is your chance to visit yourself face to face by means of these 951 belief EmoLyzersto override at will any thought pattern that may have been overlooked to make those wrinkled spots on your path straight in a way that has been thoroughly tested to leave no stone unturned. MY LIFE- The PrologueI was raised in France, went to medical school in Italy, and practiced as a Surgical First Assistant, specializing in head trauma surgery, since 1976. I contracted Hepatitis-C from a Vietnam veteran while I was working with a reckless neurosurgery resident, who poked my finger while suturing- The Science of getting RichIt was hard, very hard, and although I was more dead than alive at certain times during my treatment. I am convinced that I survived that ordeal because I had found a book called The Science Of Getting Rich. In fact, I may have been one of the very first people on this planet to receive a medical certificate stating that I was "free" from that virus. This book revealed to me nearly every one of the answers I had been searching for- The GiftYou know that you know this: life on earth has more meaning than was immediately apparent to you, at first. It was only when you matured enough, that you realized it all had to do with nurturing your mind (your soul) to develop into the more expanded version of you. If that has been the case for you, then you owe this book to yourself- The Art of Inventing your FutureYou will have problems coming at you every single day, and these problems may present themselves as tiny little innocent looking thoughts, or as huge ugly gorillas wanting to tear you apart. The more you reach out for
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Smashwords Edition
Smashwords Edition