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Action Annie: Story Nine - Annie and the Bullfrog

New Kobo Germany
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Another reason for writing the 'Action Annie' stories was to correct an imbalance which had appeared to have developed between girls and boys; and in particular, the differing stereotypes. When one looked at 'roles' and 'the type of behaviour' that might be 'expected' from a boy, but which was wholly 'never expected' or considered 'acceptable' from a girl; the discrimination practised was more subtle: such as shouting, swearing, fighting, picking one's nose and even making rude noises in public! In short; 'Action Annie' represented 'girl power' in action and was my humble attempt of redressing the perceptual balance. Annie is an imaginative and very active seven-year-old whose mind and body is always on the move. She never seems to stop. Even as she sleeps, she is dreaming about the things she plans to do tomorrow. Annie is always thinking up new ideas and inventing things. Once she gets an idea inside her head, she becomes determined to try it out. If her ideas don't work out the first time Annie tries them out, she will try and try again. Once Annie has decided to do something, nobody and nothing will stop her. Annie's head is crammed with ideas and her body is filled with feelings, feelings which she finds impossible to hide from the outside world. Anyone can tell whether Annie is feeling happy or sad by simply looking at her and by listening to what she says, because she just can't hide her feelings. When Annie is happy, her smiley face tells you so and when she is sad, the smile on her face will quickly disappear and be replaced by a squashed-tomato look. When Annie is 'very happy', the smile on her face widens, her two arms begin to rotate like the propellers of an aircraft, her two feet jump her body up into the air and her mouth gleefully yells out, "Yippee! Yippee! Yippee! Yippee for Annie!" But when she's 'very angry', she rotates her arms, jumps in the air and lands saying, "Bother! Bother! Bother! And Double Bother!"*When Annie gets angry she knows how to ge
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