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The Canvas: A Secret from the Holocaust

New Kobo Germany
Auf Lager
Using the Holocaust as the background, this creative historical fiction delivers tension, emotions and the horrors of war. Great and enduring love bring the story of Julienne Dupree-Fairchild to its conclusion. Born of a privileged family, Julienne is raised by a nanny named Suzannah. There is a disconnect between Julienne and her mother who has little to do with the rest of the household. This young girl's advantageous station in life permits for explorations in search of self-validation. The stories she hears from Suzannah remain as part of her life yet they are for a long while only background noise. As she reaches adulthood, the very descriptions of events and people she heard about bring hindsights and reflections. The stories Suzannah told were meant to educate and create the conditions for action and consideration. The death of Julienne's father changes and jolts the household and everyone within it. Over twenty-one years have passed and Suzannah must go. Julienne is further estranged from her mother until her marriage to Paul. What proved to have been a costly and rebellious caprice brings her closer to her mother. In Paris where Julienne is to attend school she meets Frank Fairchild - An American teaching at the Sorbonne. They marry but cancer claims Frank's life. Her mother soon also dies. With no one to have, Julienne decides to move to the USA where Frank had a house. She explores her feelings, remembering stories she heard. She finds a secret that will change her life.
Marke:Smashwords Edition
EAN:Smashwords Edition
Smashwords Edition
Smashwords Edition