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Too Close To Home: An Allison Baca Mystery

New Kobo Germany
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The first in a series, "Too Close to Home" introduces San Francisco's own Allison Baca, to the vast number of readers who wish to simply enjoy a "good exciting read". With "America's City" as the backdrop, this fresh and formidable ex-cop presses through events steeped with intelligent dialogue and artful suspense driven by dangerous individuals who live entirely by their own rules. Accompanying Allison in this fast paced thriller is Lt. Phillip McCarthy, her former boss and mentor who inadvertently sets the events in motion and who now finds his long suppressed feelings for Allison surfacing along with the ever increasing danger. Also accompanying her is her father, Ross Smith, who is forced to reach far within himself to help save the life of his only daughter. Read what Kirkus Indie Reviews has to say:A retired cop must unravel a gritty mystery before assassins hired to kill her finish the job. Allison Baca's abrupt retirement from the San Francisco police was newsworthy enough; the local media enjoyed dealing with the beautiful, talented spokesperson. But Allison soon makes the news for another reason-killing her attempted murderer in her living room. Recovering from her injuries at her parents' home, Allison investigates the link between her attack and an earlier meeting with a pedophile developer, Paul Albert, who expressed interest in hiring her as a private investigator. Allison's gruesome discovery, quickly followed by a second attempt on her life, draws her former boss-and the principal reason for her resignation-Lt. Phillip McCarthy deeper into the case, and into Allison's life. In a decision that will raise warning flags in the mind of anyone who has ever seen a horror movie, McCarthy, Allison and her father Ross travel to the family's remote mountain cabin (with limited cell coverage) for Allison's protection. Unbeknownst to them, Allison's third potential hitman is very familiar with the area and seems destined to meet with success. Told from multiple poi
Marke:Smashwords Edition
EAN:Smashwords Edition
Smashwords Edition
Smashwords Edition