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New Kobo Germany
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A university graduate assistant, Greg Stevens, studying physics, learns that a giant meteor he has been tracking is going to cross the moon's orbit. It actually hits the moon, slowing it and shattering it into small rocks and dust, which fall to Earth. During the twenty-eight day spiraling descent of the debris, Greg fills his pre-WWII fallout shelter with whatever he thinks might help him survive the confluence. He emerges months later to find a moutainous moonscape around him. A few miles away he finds an armory basment full of necessities, including food, fuel and vehicles. A young boy, Albert, joins him, and he meets a college-age girl, Lee, at an airport, where he had taken flying lessons. Greg and Lee rescue five children and romance blossoms, as they become a family. Using an airplane, he and Lee discover they are on an island, and they share their supplies with survivors that show up. They form a 'Company' and choose Greg as their Captain. Julia is asked to be the religious leader and she influences them to accept polygamy, since there are twice as many women as men. She also gets them to vow, "I'm going to enjoy the life I've been privileged to keep and help others to enjoy life also."Carla, an attractive woman, Greg's age, joins Greg's family. Lee likes her; controlling occasional feelings of jealousy. They name the island Atlantis. Dr. Gwen Vries, an administrator in what's left of a univeristy north of the mountains, has convinced the surviving professors that she should be President, and she tries to extend her control to the area south of the mountains. Civil war erupts, and her followers defect. Greg prefers teaching to politics and sets up an oligarchy, ruled by the Atlantis Council, a group of people who have proved themselves to be honest and talented. After thirty years of industrial and economic growth and a burgeoning population, Atlantis establishes a colony, Plymouth, on the mainland.A tribe of vicious cannibals, armed with crossbows, attacks Plymout
Marke:Smashwords Edition
EAN:Smashwords Edition
Smashwords Edition
Smashwords Edition