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How To Make Iced Coffee: 20 Best Iced Coffee Recipes

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Do you enjoy coffee? How do you like it? Hot? Iced?Iced coffee has a love hate relationship with some. Some fearless coffee drinkers only drink it hot. They feel it is a sin to drink it any other way. Then there are those that will drink it any way they can get it-even in ice cream. Then you have those who do not care for coffee but will drink it by the gallon if it is iced. Which one are you?This eBook is created for whoever loves to enjoy a nice tall glass of iced coffee right from the comforts of their own home. Do you stop at coffee houses like Starbucks on your way to work, and pay for a cup of coffee as the entire cans costs? Drinking just one cup a day like that can really cut into a budget. However, for true addicts, this is a tough habit to break. There is no need to break the habit when you can make these delicious cups or glasses of iced coffee right from home. For the cost of a week's worth of coffee house coffees, you can buy the ingredients for enough iced coffee for about a month. Coffee's reputation is sometimes not so good. Nevertheless, did you know that coffee has some great benefits? Drinking a cup (or glass), a day will make you healthier in the long run. Coffee contains anti-oxidants, and this helps to boost the immune system, helps to keep you from coming down with certain illnesses. Like anything, too much coffee is a bad thing, but in moderation, it is actually beneficial for you. Iced coffee has its roots all over the world. People in Australia, Japan, Greece, Israel, Vietnam, USA and even China enjoy this sweet cool drink. Iced coffee is a fad, but it is here to stay? With the many different combinations and recipes, one just has to set out to try all of them and will be drinking iced coffee for over a year without repeating the flavor. Enjoy these delicious iced coffee recipes
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