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Business Lessons from the Rainforest.

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The rainforest is the most successful ecosystem on the planet: with more species of fish in one pond than all of the British Isle and over 2000 different species of plants per acre; the origin of half of the world's species and a quarter of all naturally occurring drugs. It also recycles a quarter of the world's oxygen. This book unveils this model for business, the economy and society.1."These are the tallest trees of about 50m (166ft) in height. They are the Fortune 500Companies"2."If you are a business you have your equivalent in the bush"3." More importantly they are the reason why there are no "bubbles" and "crashes" in therainforest but a stable lush forest in perpetuity".4."We do not allow the full effect of recessions to cleanse the market, so our markets arenot optimal but full of dross, riding from crash to the next crash"5." An economic depression is a bad inflammatory process, necessary for healing, but soexaggerated in scale and severity that the patient is threatened to die from it ratherthan the disease".6."After a forest fire the vultures come! Even the animals could not run, they were burntlike grass. It is that thorough a purging".7." The Coco-yam has only two or three leaves, each like a telescopic dish capturing asmuch of the remaining 20 percent the sunlight that reaches this this level as possible (well ahead of star-gazing telescopes at observatories. This is the niche market".The book is in three parts. The first part discusses the structure of the rainforest and integrates it with that of the market. In the market there are the skyscrapers, buildings of intermediate height, and low buildings. The rainforest has a layer of very tall trees called the emergents, an intermediate layer of trees called the canopy and a layer of small trees and shrubs called the understory, so the lessons begin. The lessons are delivered under a distinct subheading and italicized to distinguish from the rest of the text. They run right through the book which is w
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