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Toby & Cruz

New Kobo Germany
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TOBY from the country, and CRUZ from the city, are from vastly differentbackgrounds. Toby is a typical fun loving down to earth country lad, and Cruz the son ofPortuguese immigrants; knows only city life, the latest computer games, and strictparental control. It is Toby's first day at boarding school, and Cruz has been given thetask of looking after him. There is an immediate unspoken conflict between the two, asToby questions his minder's heritage, and at the same time dreads being there. Cruzstruggles to accept or understand this brazen new boy; however respects the fact it's partof his job to at least try. School life, and the odd holiday together bring the boys closer. The richnessof living in the country, and the complexity of city life are analysed by each, bringingmany humorous situations to light, though often with serious undertones. The boysalong with their peers, highlight how Generation Y actually thinks. Their opinions, fears and obsessions are full of surprises. Body art, asylum seekers, the opposite sex, Governments, drugs, school discipline, crime and religion are some of the topics raised. Is allelomimetic behaviour destructively out of control?Toby fears the 'good old Aussie spirit and culture' are disappearing, and withhis peers argue how, and why this is so. Cruz finds it difficult to step away from hisfamily's traditions. The reader can appreciate how difficult it is for the originalAustralians to accept legislated assimilation, and at the same time for immigrants tocast off their old ways. When the family's yacht almost sinks in a violent storm, Cruz is fuelled withthe same adrenaline and determination he had battling the bushfire with Toby. Hehelped save the Murphy's property; can he help save the yacht and his parents?As he gently placed the telephone down, Cruz knew that he couldn't make the hospitalin time; however he was elated to be able to tell Toby about the baby. It would generateanother smile and a twinkle from his old country mate at leas
Marke:Smashwords Edition
EAN:Smashwords Edition
Smashwords Edition
Smashwords Edition