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Fundraising Banquet Boot Camp

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Fundraising Banquet Boot Camp- A Survival Guide and System For Ordinary People Seeking Extraordinary Results is written to provide a user friendly step-by-step guide presented in a conversational manner focusing on the use of efficiency tools and risk management. This guide and system is similar to a Swiss Army Knife filled with unique tools designed specifically to help your team through the process of planning and executing a fundraising Dessert or Banquet with extraordinary proficiency and success. Whether your organization has successfully executed several Desserts or Banquets or seeking guidance for the first time, this guide and system may provide some new fundraising principles, ideas, and tools to help equip your team and improve overall results. This step-by-step Guide and System will help you: 1. Discover the (5) Fundamental Principles of Effective Banquet Fundraising. 2. Plan and execute (1) hour Desserts designed to increase donations and Banquet Guest Lists. 3. Plan and execute Banquets designed to increase short and long term donations. 4. Learn to identify and assess new leaders and new leadership candidates. 5. Why speaking efficiently and effectively engages your guests. 6. Organize and conduct effective planning meetings like a pro. 7. Discover why risk management tools are necessary and when to use them. 8. Learn to use (9) preprinted Checklists and Forms to streamline your planning process. 9. Spot overlooked Banquet elements before it's too late to correct. 10. Establish Timelines that keep your team on point and on time. 11. Why and when to use a Professionally Written (5 minute) Pledge Program. 12. Discover how well-written "Thank You" letters and cards build lasting relationships.
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FAIRFUND Publications
FAIRFUND Publications