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The Ultimate Guide to Ovarian Cancer

New Kobo Germany
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Twenty-five thousand American women will get ovarian cancer this year. No screening tests exists for this disease, and the symptoms are often vague and mistaken for other illnesses. This cancer is almost always diagnosed in advanced stages, thus requiring extensive surgery and heavy doses of chemotherapy. The recurrence rate is close to 80%, which means most ovarian cancer patients will need additional chemotherapy and sometimes more surgery. In this breakthrough book, Dr. Benedict Benigno offers a compassionate, easy-to-understand in-depth look into standard and out-of-the-box ovarian cancer treatments and a thorough examination of the basic science research that will eventually cause a revolution in the way all cancers will be treated. His own patient experiences are interwoven with the stories of survivors who beat the odds. The evolution of a simple, new diagnostic test is described in detail - a test which may prove to be 100% accurate and which may offer women a way to be screened for ovarian cancer when it is at its earliest stage. The cure rate for a stage one ovarian cancer is over 90%! In this book you will: Learn what symptoms to look for to help diagnose ovarian cancer earlier Get clear facts about current modalities of diagnosis and treatment Gain an insight from a board certified gynecologic oncologist into new forms of therapy not yet standard of care for ovarian cancer Discover how basic science is the key to new ovarian cancer therapy and why molecular biologists will soon replace oncologists. Find out how early screening soon will eradicate many current forms of cancer treatment. The Ultimate Guide to Ovarian Cancer is the one book you want to read if your life has been even remotely touched by ovarian cancer.
Marke:Sherryben Publishing House, LLC
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Sherryben Publishing House, LLC
Sherryben Publishing House, LLC