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The Greatest Leaders Do the Least

New Kobo Germany
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The major challenges facing all of us today are time and financial pressures. Many small business owners deal with physical and mental stress while worrying about being sued by an unhappy customer. Many small business owners complain that they do not feel they own their business. Instead it owns them. After years of trying one technique after another, Dr. Williams has designed a system that limits the pressure and stress that you cannot control so you can better concentrate on the areas where you can. Most people think company presidents and leaders are successful because they work harder than anyone on their payroll, but in reality, great leaders actually do the least. - Learn how to be a great leader by doing less in your business and personal life. - Learn a fool proof technique that will allow you to delegate tasks to others so you can do what you should be doing to be successful. - Discover and overcome your fears regarding delegation. - Use the principle of automation in your life to streamline mundane tasks and provide feedback for delegated tasks. - Learn unconventional management techniques that work in your personal and business life to take the heat and pressure off of you! - Invest in yourself and the others in your life who help you achieve your goals. The information packed into this fast-paced, entertaining book will skyrocket you into producing greater results than you could ever anticipate whether in your personal or professional life.
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