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Growing in Grace

New Kobo Germany
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Growing in Grace is designed to take its reader through the Bible, one page a day. It begins in Genesis, the first book of the Bible. Here we explore Bible truths such as creation, the fall of man, the entrance of sin and death into a once perfect world. We learn of God's promise, early given, to send a Saviour into the world to pay the price of man's sin and provide a way for man to be restored to a place of peace and friendship with God. We follow the mankind's story through the account of the world-wide flood, the call of Abraham and the beginnings of the Jewish nation. We watch as God takes people from this nation and uses them to reveal Himself through to the whole world. We follow the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and we see Joseph sold as a slave in Egypt, but promoted to second highest ruler in the land. We meet Moses, the man God uses to deliver the Israelites out of bondage. We see the Lord give to this nation, and so through them to the world, a revelation of Himself in His Word, in the Law and in the tabernacle; His dwelling place with man. We follow their journey and their wilderness wanderings for forty years. We read of Joshua, Moses' helper, who takes over the leadership of the young nation as they enter into the land that was once given to them by the Lord God. We read of the judges who ruled after Joshua's decease, and of Israel's apostasy during this time. We follow the reign of Saul, Israel's first and disastrous king, and we see God replace him with David, a man after God's own heart." We learn of God's unconditional and eternal promises given to David that the land of Israel would be theirs forever, the throne would endure for ever and that the kingdom would be eternal. We read of David's wise son Solomon and the greatness of his kingdom and the building of the temple and all its glory. We see the soon demise of all that he built and established, through the wickedness and foolishness of the kings which followed after. We read of the divis
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