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Grantwriting 101

New Kobo Germany
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Congratulations on starting the grant writing journey! If you are like most approaching the grant writing process for the first time, the task may seem daunting. This book is designed primarily to assist non-profit organizations in applying for funding, although much of the content may be helpful for other entities. I also include a section on additional training opportunities that can enhance and hone your skills as you grow. Throughout this book, I provide you with tips and recommendations from over a decade in writing grant proposals and assisting non- profits internationally. Exercises and summaries of key points in each chapter are also provided. Comments from non-profit organizations have been incorporated to relay real-life challenges and successes at each step of the process, as well as comments from foundations and other donors on the importance of these key steps. Given my extensive work with non-profit organizations that are pursuing grant funding, there are a few things that I believe are significant to note and keep in mind on this journey: Remain Committed to Your Organization's Mission & Vision Given an uncertain economy and difficult times with raising funds, it has been my experience that there is the temptation for non-profit organizations to 'chase' funding - even if this funding lies outside their mission or core program vision. My experience has also been that organizations that look for grant funders and opportunities that align with their mission and vision (or otherwise do not change their purpose or focus just to receive funding), are the organizations that are the most sustainable over the long term and those that are able to leverage grant funding to make the largest impact possible once the money is received. This book allows you to be strategic about your grant pursuits and not waste time or money chasing opportunities that, in the end, may provide only temporary assistance or recognition. Have a Clear and Specific Request in Mind I alwa