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Dot Boom

New Kobo Germany
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Baby boomers continue to be the most powerful consumers in the marketplace, regardless of the economic climate, and will be for many years to come. Additionally, boomers are deeply engaged with interactive media, making online marketing channels an effective and efficient method to connect with these consumers. Positioning your brand to meaningfully engage baby boomers online is key to producing results reflective of this influential consumer group. Dot Boom: Marketing to Baby Boomers through Meaningful Online Engagement shows you how to build integrated online campaigns that utilize the multi-touch point, emotionally-driven, experiential marketing techniques that are most effective with older consumers. To provide you with the framework to develop such campaigns, co-authors David Weigelt and Jonathan Boehman: Examine the biological and psychological motivators behind boomers' buying behavior Explore a developmental marketing approach to targeting boomers Take the elusive marketing buzzword "engagement" and establish a new concept - Meaningful Online Engagement - specific to baby boomers Present a framework for repeatedly producing online campaigns that forge a meaningful relationship with boomer consumers Provide actionable tactics and techniques to position your brand as an influential force in boomer conversations online Being an influential brand with baby boomers online is the result of meaningful engagement. Dot Boom offers insight into a developmental marketing and a Meaningful Online Engagement approach to targeting baby boomers online - a powerful combination that will result in profitable and lasting relationships between your brand and this powerful consumer group.
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