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Hate Media

New Kobo Germany
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Just as bullies hate being called out, so too do the agents of powerful media corporations go on the attack when called out for their abuse of their privileged positions. This narrative is about the misuse of power by News Ltd, the Australian arm of the News Corporation which dominates the media scene in that country. It is an account of how the full force of its considerable assets can be used to dictate and manipulate narratives and how ruthlessly they can demolish opponents not by strength of argument but by personal attacks and silencing the content of their ideas. The very mild mannered former leader of the Greens on occasions referred to the hate media which attacks people rather than engage in rational debate and civil discourse. For his trouble the subjects his criticism, the News Ltd press and its chorus of hired hands, go to great lengths to prove him right as they attack him personally rather than argue against his positions or policies. The subtitle of the book is Power without Responsibility. However a more apt description might have been Bullies without Supervision. Controlling the delivery of information and opinion on a national platform puts those so privileged in a very powerful position. It would be hoped that with that would come responsibility that such privilege brings. When that privilege is flaunted and there is nobody to call that indiscretion to account then it can easily become bullying of those who lack the same access and similar status. Much of what hate media does is little different from what bullies do in a playground - they get away with what they can in pursuit of their own goals or the goals of those pulling their strings. The first part of this News Corp narrative describes a number of example of various agents of a media giant beating up on an elected representative whose agenda is seen as a threat to the interest of the corporation. It reveals operations that are less than courageous and less than the desired practices of ethic